Advanced Deep Learning - Week 7

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We will start now with a quiz based on the first week material

You have 6 minutes to answer the quiz.

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  • 07 June: Natural Language Processing and Word Embeddings
  • 14 June: Sequence Models and Attention Mechanism
  • 21 June: Transformer Network
  • 28 June: Final Presentation


03-12 June


04-05 June


The Challenges

Open Questions (10 Minutes)

  1. Why were RNN so important for the development in neural network, what characteristics did they have, that previous architecture did not have?
  2. What is the fundamental problem LSTM are tackling and how is this solved?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of bidirectional RNNs? When would you use them and when not?


The unreasonable effectiveness of RNNs

Understanding LSTMs

Bidirectional RNNs


Building a RNN - Step by Step

Character Level Language Model

Jazz Improvisation with LSTM

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  • Homework on Operations on Word Vectors
  • Homework on Emojifying