Advanced Deep Learning - Week 5

Course starts soon..


We will start now with a quiz based on the first week material

You have 6 minutes to answer the quiz.

The quiz link:
Quiz Link
It will be copied in Mattermost and in the Zoom chat.

Project Groups

Next Week: Checkpoint

Prepare a small presentation with:

1) The theme of your project

2) State of the Art (a paper, a tutorial, an implementation)

3) Your objective

4) The dataset

5) The architecture of the network

Open Questions (10 Minutes)

  1. How can we choose triplets which are "hard" for the network to differentiate before having learned the similarity function?
  2. How and why do we select a middle layer for the content component of the cost function? What would be the disadvantage of using the last layer?
  3. How is the liveness of an image computed, preventing people to cheat with a photo?
  4. Could we apply the same idea behind neural style transfer to change the ethnicity of a face in a kind of "face style transfer"?


Face Recognition

Neural Style Transfer

For the next week

  • Focus on your project
  • Create a small presentation for the checkpoint