Advanced Deep Learning - Week 3

Course starts soon..


We will start now with a quiz based on the first week material

You have 6 minutes to answer the quiz.

The quiz link:
Quiz Link
It will be copied in Mattermost and in the Zoom chat.

Project Ideas

Round of presentation of your ideas


We should select 3 projects and create 3 groups.

Open Questions (10 Minutes)

  1. Why is important to learn the identity function and how is this helping performance in ResNet?
  2. How comes mobile net save some computations? Why are not all other network also doing the same? Where is the catch?
  3. Can you think of a rule of thumb for:
    a) when to use transfer learning,
    b) when to use data augmentation?




For the next week

  • Finish the third week of the course, check all the videos
  • Try to form groups for the projects
  • Work on the assignment for car detection
  • Work on the assignment for image segmentation