Advanced Deep Learning

from CNN to Transformers

Sommer Semester 2021

The Machine Learning Program

Who am I?

I am: Luca
I studied: Information Engineering and Computer Vision,
specialized on Light Field Cameras and Disparity Estimation

Hobbies: Want to play Chess?

Who are you

You are:
name is enough, whatever else is welcome - if you can help with the pronunciation, I would be grateful
You studied:
a bit about your learning background, knowledge or experience
Something about you:
do you have a special motivation for doing this course?
do you have an idea about a project you want to make?


  • General Introduction - 12.04
  • Foundations of Convolutional Neural Networks - 19.04
  • Deep convolutional models: case studies - 26.04
  • Object detection with CNN - 03.05
  • Special applications: Face recognition & Neural style transfer - 10.05
  • Project Check Point / Discussion - 17.05
  • Recurrent Neural Networks - 24.05
  • Natural Language Processing & Word Embeddings - 31.05
  • Sequence models & Attention mechanism - 07.06
  • Presentation of Final Projects, Part I - 14.06
  • Presentation of Final Projects, Part II - 21.06


You start right away with projects brainstorming

It does not matter the actual outcome of the project, it is about the experience - also not graded

Projects are made in small groups - groups will be made during the course, not today

Project Structure

There will be a peer-review process on the 17 of May

Projects should be published

To complete the project, we ask you to create:

  • A public repository
  • A notebook with working code and explanation/comments
  • A small video/screen recording (or we record your presentation.)

Projects Repository

Projects Template


Five minutes of pure brainstorming on projects ideas
Etherpad to write down ideas

Tools used in the Course

Coursera Courses

We will follow these 2 courses:

Python Notebooks
Google Colab

Tutorial with Python — Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

Zoom Sessions

Every Monday at 18.00

1 - Quiz: we start with an ungraded quiz about the last week

2 - Discussion: we discuss shortly about the questions and clarify if anyone has doubts

3 - Questions: we start an open discussion, all together or in smaller group depending on how many people join

4 - Exercises: we go through the assignment together and comment the code

Remember: there are no grades, we are in a safe space open to discussions, most of the time there is no right or wrong answer.

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