Deep Learning from Scratch - Week 11

Course starts soon..

The burocratic part

  • Coursera Certificates: you can download in Coursera. (independent from us, not needed)
  • OpenCampus Course Certificate: you can download them from our page in around one month.


  1. Climate Change (16.05-16.25)
    Vineet, Shilpika
  2. Windfinder: (16.25-16.45)
  3. Hydrochemistry Time Series: (16.45-17.05)
    Irena, Julia, Matthias, Wanja
  4. Phishing Website Detector: (17.05-17.25)
    Anita, Malik, Dilini, Razeeb


If there is something you want to share with me, please do it via mail, mattermost or however you prefer.
Thanks for participating and hope to see you again soon.