Deep Learning from Scratch - Week 10

Course starts soon..

You made it!

Congratulations for sticking to the course until the end!

The Presentations

Now it's time! I am curious to see your projects.
As said, each group has ~20 minutes time, feel free to ask questions (in chat during the talk and in person at the end of each talk).


  1. Bakery Prediction, Group 1: (16.05-16.25) Amelie, Christopher, Niko, Samira
  2. Bakery Prediction, Group 2: (16.25-16.45) Jannik, Johannes, Osama, Pavan
  3. Fake News, Group 1: (16.45-17.05) Garima, Jendrik, Manpreet
  4. Fake News, Group 2: (17.05-17.25) Farjana, Junaid, Mahjarul